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33 Links, Last Updated 2002/7/21
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star Adventureland
Lists of adventure games for classic machines, including Atari 8-bit, along with images and info on the companies that released them, also available here

star Alternate Reality on the Web
Alternate Reality Page, with maps, files for download, pictures, documents, hints and more

star Classic Atari
Several emulators and system ROMs for download, screen shots ratings and downloads of many good american and european games and some links.

star Infocom, Imagination sold and serviced here
A page on the Infocom text adventure games, with information, articles, InvisiClues hints, transcripts, walkthroughs, maps and copies of Zork I, II and III for download (Win95 and DOS) and more. Also available here.

silver dot ATARI
Screen shots, cover scans, descriptions, hints and maps for several games, including Goonies, Henry's House, Miecze Valdgira, Ninja, Zorro and more.

silver dot Atari 8-bit - emulatory, gry
A couple of emulators and several games for download, tips and tricks for several games, a short history of Atari, a list of the different Atari 8-bit models and a description of them. In Polish.

silver dot Atari 8bit-zone
Screenshots and Downloads of many eastern european games. In Polish.

silver dot Classic Video Games High Scores
High scores from classic video games, including around 100 Atari 8-bit computer games. Plenty of games, but not too many players, so get those joysticks out and submit a high score!

silver dot Eidolon's Inn
Info about various classic systems including the Atari 8-bit, as well as World of M.U.L.E. Also some Atari 8-bit emulator links and info.

silver dot IK+ C-64 to Atari 8-bit Conversion Project Page
An effort to convert International Karate+ to the Atari 8-bit, with a download version available. Also a few links to other sites. In Polish.

silver dot jack's Home Page
Copies of M.U.L.E. for download, links, strategy tips, screen shots, and M.U.L.E. wallpaper and icons to download, as well as the theme tune, also a M.U.L.E. discussion forum

silver dot Llamasoft Website
The Yak man's pages, what can I say? You've just got to see these. Oh, yeah, there are download versions of Hover Bovver and TurboFlex for the Atari 8-bit available as well as the history behind these games, and lots of other non-Atari related stuff.

silver dot o mnie
Screenshots, details and downloads for several good games. In Polish.

silver dot PDD'S Adventure Page
Links and files related to adventure games, including Infocom, Magnetic Scrolls, Level 9 and Adventure International

silver dot Sheddy's Shack - Atari 130XE Space Harrier Conversion Project
An effort to convert Space Harrier to the Atari 8-bit, with a downloadable demo version available.

silver dot Swiat Malego Atari
Atari 8-bit computers specs and history, several games for download, emulators for download, favourite game tunes with online versions in SAP format and some links. In Polish.

silver dot The Collectible ULTIMA
Information on all the Ultima versions for all platforms, and lists of books and other accessories.

silver dot The Original Alternate Reality Homepage
Info on Alternate Reality, maps, hints, documents, pictures, and more

silver dot The Video Game High Score Page
Atari 400/800/XL/XE High Scores quite a few games listed, but not too many players. High scores for other platforms too

silver dot Vector
Screenshots of a DOOM clone for the Atari 8-bit. No downloads available yet though.

silver dot Webtitan's Home Page
Pages dedicated to Alternate Reality, M.U.L.E., and Ultima, with some links to external sites. Nices pages, although some of the links are broken.

red dot Alternate Reality - The Star Wizard's Guild - Welcome!
Alternate Reality news, info, manual covers, and more

red dot Alternate Reality Page
Some AR bits and pieces here, including Usenet postings by Philip Price

red dot Atari 8bit Alternative
Several alternative versions of games for download, including cheat versions and games fixed for different OS versions. In Spanish, automatic altavista babelfish translation

red dot C=64 Software Houses
Information of and games from Interceptor and Llamasoft, mostly C=64 but with some Atari 8-bit stuff too.

red dot Colin's Atari 8-Bit Emulation Page
Several games in ATR format for download, along with a few links

Good Classic Games page, mostly for games machines but with some A8 references

red dot Galaxian for Atari Home Computers
A site devoted to Galaxian, including the Atari 8-bit version

red dot OMC Games
General games site for all platforms, and journal, new atari 8-bit game promised too, so lets see if it happens or not

red dot Planet IRATA
A site devoted to M.U.L.E. with several clone versions available for download for different platforms. Site under development, not all links work, but what is there looks good. Also has some links and emulators for download.

red dot Tolkien computer games for the Atari 400
Info on Tolkien adventure games for the atari 8bits: Adventure Quest, Colossal Adventure, Dungeon Adventure with links to solutions, as well as a couple of unreleased titles.

red dot Video Game Advantage
Atari 8-bit game screen shots, cartridge list, and a copy of the FAQ, plus other systems

no rating Journey to the Planets
A page dedicate to this classic game, with the solution to some of the puzzles in the game. If you are stuck on this game, then you might just find the answer here. Also available here

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