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Journey to the Planets
by JV Software/Roklan, is one of
the early puzzle type games that appeared
on the Atari 8-bit (and other computers too). In this
game you find yourself stranded on a planet in a remote corner
of the galaxy. A quick search of the planet reveals a weapon, a ship
and a power source. Your task (and you really don't have much choice in accepting
this if you want to get back home) is to jump into your ship, and navigate your way around
the worlds in this system. Once you have located a planet and managed a safe landing
(not as easy as it sounds!), you have to recover a treasure from the world.

Each world had
its own set of puzzles
and challenges that needed
to be overcome in order to escape
with the treasure. These ranged from logical
puzzles, to arcade like subgames, to, in some cases,
sheer luck. There are a total of 7 treasures to be found,
providing many, many hours of entertainment
(mumble, mispent youth, mumble).

Ruby Chain

This page is
dedicated to this
game and to all those
who have spent the best part
of 2 decades stranded in a remote
corner of the galaxy. To get you back home,
the solutions for the two hardest planets are here.
Further solutions can be added upon request.

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