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11 Links, Last Updated 2002/7/15
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star A.B.B.U.C. e.V. Homepage
The Atari Bit Byter User Club page, with photos, news, club details, computer specs and photos, PD Shop, Regional sub-group list, software and hardware for sale, discussion forum, links and more. Also available here. In German automatic altavista babelfish translation

star J.Y.B.O.L.A.C. "Just Your Basic On-line Atari Computer"
J.Y.B.O.L.A.C.'s Atari special interest area, with a history of usergroups in the Dallas area, Dal-ACE disks and newsletter archive, several of pictures including an Atari 400 with Cherry Keyboard add-on, an 800XL in a Marble effect case, an Atari 800XE with box, a mega list of Atari users, a chat room with logs, and more.

silver dot RELAG - Ruhr-Emscher-Lippe-Arbeitsgemeinschaft
An ABBUC regional group, with group history, groups activities and contact information. In German.automatic altavista babelfish translation

red dot Atari Computer Enthusiasts of Columbus
Details of the group, along with meeting location and dates, pictures of the swap meet, and some links to other pages. Also available here.

red dot Atari User Groups Homepages
A few links to some Atari user groups homepages

red dot AUNT
Atari Users of North Texas, user group for Atari computers and games machines, with a Who's Who list.

red dot Links2Go: Atari User Groups
Links2Go's list of Atari User Groups. A few links to user groups here.

red dot SAGE Home Page
Details of the Spectrum Atari Group Of Erie, located in Erie, in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. With a list of its library. The page looks out of date though.

red dot SPACE: Saint Paul ATARI Computer Enthusiasts
Info on SPACE and their newsletters online

red dot The Toronto Atari Federation Home Page
Info on the TAF User group

red dot YAC -- User Groups List
List of webpages and e-mail address for Atari user groups. A lot of the links are dead though.

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