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129 Links, Last Updated 2002/7/21
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star Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions
The comp.sys.atari.8bit Frequently Asked Questions document, with a wealth of information on the 8-bit. Also available at rtfm.mit.edu,www.cis.ohio-state.edu,www.cs.ruu.nl,www.landfield.com,www.jmas.co.jp,w3.one.net.

star ATARI 8Bit Games and Demos - Homesoft
Huge archive of games and demos for the 8-bit Atari with more than 2000 programs. A great site with some files for download that I've not seen anywhere else, each program also has a screen shot available to view before you download! Also available here.

star Atari 8-bit Resort
Marek Tomczyk's site, H/W mods, Lots of links, Demos, English/German automatic altavista babelfish translation

star Atari Cartridge Dumping Project
Details of the Atari Cartridge Dumping Project, an attempt to gather as much information as possible about every cartridge ever produced for the Atari 8-bit computer. Information on how to dump cartridges to disk, cartridge screenshots, cartridge connector details, bank switching details for several cartridge types, and more.

star Atari SAP Music Archive Atari SAP Music Archive
The Official Atari SAP Music Archive homepage, with over 1000 tunes for the SAP player, that plays Atari 8-bit tunes on other platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS and others. With mirrors here and here.

star Atari Strikes Back
Nice site, with emulators, tools, utilities, and games for download, game maps, links and more. In Polish.

star Atari technical documents: Atari 8bits
Part of the Atari Historical Society's site, but worth listing on its own merits. Technical documentation for several of the Atari 8-bit's custom chips, including ANTIC, GTIA and POKEY, as well as technical information on the Atari Speech Handler, 1400/1450 Modem, SIO Interface Handbook and more.

star Atari XL/XE Games And Demos Page
Index of Megaimages at Yogi's with some descriptions and more info, huge list of demos for download, DOS II/+ description, H/W mods for XC12 and RAM expansions, most pages are in English, but there is one page in German automatic altavista babelfish translation

star Atari.org / Home / The Definitive Atari Resource on the Internet
The title says it all, one of the biggest Atari resources on the internet, dedicated to all Atari systems, including the 8-bit computers. With news, free atari.org subdomains, hit counters, discussion forums, and more.

star AtariArchives.org
A great resource with the full text of several books, including Mapping the Atari, Compute!'s first and second books of Atari Graphics, Atari Graphics and Arcade Game Design, The Best of Creative Computing, Computer Animation Primer, and Atari BASIC - A Self Teaching Guide, APX information and software, a copy of the Cleveland Freenet Atari SIG, The Old Hackers Atari User Group newsletter archive, several articles and a software library. With still more promised.

star BRiTiSH Underground Atari 8bit:
Atari Technical Reference Manual, Hardware upgrade information, and other general information, and a mirror of justin's and yogi's ftp sites.

star Classic Computer Magazine Archive
Digital Antic project, Online copies of Antic magazine

star Dan's Tribute to OSS
Great site with information and articles on supercartridges, online copies of the Indus GT Drive manual and utilities, Monkey Wrench II , Pirate's Treasure Chest and S.A.M. (Software Automated Mouth) manuals, 1200XL upgrade projects, the Atari810 program for download, manuals for Broadsides, Galactic Adventures and Six-Gun Shootout, and more.

star Google Search: comp.sys.atari.8bit
Access the comp.sys.atari.8bit newsgroup through the web, with a wealth of information and an archive dating back many years, and the option to post your own messages to c.s.a.8

star Holmes Atari 8bit Games
A huge collection of games for download, as well as emulators, top 100 games list, games reviews and links

star Jindroush's Main Page
Home of the Atari Cartridge Dumping Project, lots of information including a list of Atari file formats and extensions with some descriptions, descriptions of DOS 2 and 3 formats, a list of CIO, SIO and DOS error numbers, 6502 op-codes and descriptions, hardware and ports information, SIO programming information, plenty of links, a huge list of software and more.

star Mapping the Atari
Ian Chadwick's Mapping the Atari, Revised Edition, online. THE Atari reference book.

star Mr. Bacardi's Homepage
Downloads of many European games, listed by company, also some rare american games and prototypes available for download. Details of game protection mechanisms, AURA (Atari Union of Rabid Apostles) disks available for download, Grim Reaper disk mags, some demo disks, some utilities and tools including sector editors, DOSes, a Cruncher, an editor, an assembler, a disassembler and sound players, and some links. Also available here. Also some pictures of Manchester with someone who looks a tad like me in the background (ooer!).

star NBS Atari Software
William Kendrick's Page, with games, demos and utilities for download, also XL_Search - search the FTP archives for atari 8-bit files, emulator FAQ, Star Raiders Tribute Page and other stuff too.

star Nostalgia
Many games available for download in .ATR, .CAS and .XEX formats, along with ABBUC and ANALOG disks, manuals and maps for various games from different systems. (Click on Pliki for download area). Also has a search option (click on Szukaj). In Polish.

star The Atari 8-Bit Homepage
Ivo van Poorten's page, H/W piccies, S/W, pinouts, docs, 6502 bugs, vt100 codes, Mega Magazine and more

star The Closer To Home Web Page
Great site with lots of links, files for download, web chat and much more

star umich archive via www
Another way to get into the umich archive

star VJETNAM Atari 8-bit Games Archive
A huge download area, with ATRs of many games, some of them with screen shots and other information, Emulators and system ROMs also available for download. A top 20 games list rated by number of downloads and by number of votes, several discussion boards, some with frequent posts and some links.

silver dot 8 Biscuits
Games and demos for download, with a description and rating for each, an emulator for download and some links.

silver dot 8bit atari
Not much on the page, but has a link to the local ftp archive with a number of files

silver dot AiDS MaIN
Files for download, including demos, utilities, emulators and others. In Polish.

silver dot Allen's Halloween Page: Atari 800 Robotics
Details of the Atari 800, and how to program it to control external devices and acquire data, along with a few links.

silver dot ATARI 8-bit - RASTER
Cool screen shots of some demos and games, FLOP magazine downloads. Also available here. In Czech.

silver dot ATARI 8-bit - RASTER
MULTIJOY8 interface, allowing up to 8 joysticks to be connected to one Atari 8-bit machine, ATADIM a Windows utility for reading and modifying .ATR and .XFD files, DRATEX a PC utility for converting between character set layouts and LPTJOY/ATAJOY driver, allowing the connection of a standard Atari joystick to the parallel port on your PC. Also available through here in Czech, with more information and links in the Czech version.

silver dot Atari 8-bit & Linux
Sio2pc 4.13, Floppy EMULator for linux, Bobterm docs, bobterm, reference manual and H/W mods and upgrades - mostly from Craig Lisowski's BRiTiSH Underground pages

silver dot Atari 8-bit developers page
List of unofficial 6502 opcodes, list of A8 OS's and list of languages available for the A8, revision A, B and C BASIC ROMs and OS ROMs for download.

silver dot Atari 8-bit Docs, Hints and Solutions
Lots of game manuals, some solutions and other manuals too

silver dot Atari 8-bit SpartaDOS Project
Nelson Nieves' Atari 8-bit homepage, with the SpartaDOS X and MIO manuals online, and some SpartaDOS Utilities for download.

silver dot Atari 8-bit Stuff
Atari 8-bit discussin forums, Action, Mac65, SpartaDOS X cartridge image downloads, 65816 patches for Atari800 emulator, Turbo-OS ROM, virtual PBI device source code, a library of many of the Atari custom chips for use with Eagle PCB v4.0 software, a machine language monitor/debugger/mini-assembler ported from the Apple, and editor/player for .AMP files, IDE schematics and more.

silver dot Atari Gaming Headquarters
Vapourware piccies including 65XEP, 1055, XF351, some H/W mods, and other interesting stuff, deals with all Atari games machines too

silver dot atari homepage
Details of the myIDE harddisk interface for the Atari 800 and XL/XE, with schematics and software, scan of ILIFE magazine article, Atari hardware and software owned and more.

silver dot Atari Internet Magazyn
Nice site, with links, lots of hardware mods and schematics, and other info, in Polish.

silver dot Atari Mega Game Images
A copy of Holme's and Natty's Mega images.

silver dot Atari Planet
Home of the Atari 8bit Support BBS's List, Atari interactive discussion and some links and files

silver dot Atari Stuff
TurboTari, an extended BASIC and Atari architecture emulator for the PC, games collection for download with a description and a screenshot of the games, and a version of the Atari colour palette

silver dot Atari XL
Info on msc hard disk interface, picture of the board and download area, with documents, in German automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot ATARI XL Downloads
Several demos, and several issues of ECS-Info-Mag, CCB-Club-Mag, STARSOFT Mag and TOP Magazin.

silver dot Atari XL/XE and MIDI
Chaos Music Composer files, MIDI interface for 8-bit Atari's, MIDI software and files, information and files for extra memory on an 130XE and some links.

silver dot atari.area
Good site with H/W schematics, BASIC and ROM versions for download, utilities for download, demo scene, emulators, Vector game screen shots, and more. In Polish.

silver dot AtariAge - Have You Played Atari Today? (A.Yarusso, A.Bilstein)
A site for all Atari systems, especially games systems. With a frequented discussion forum for the 8-bit computers, events list, an "under development" list, some links, some useful How To's (such as how to clean your cartridges/equipment) and more.

silver dot Atarka! Serwis użytkowników 8-bitowego Atari
Many games for download, with some demos and disk magazines too, and emulators, transfer utilities, DOSes, ROMs and some utilities. Also has some photos of the an 800XL and 130XE complete with boxes.

silver dot Beco Tel - Home Page / Front Page
H/W piccies, ATAR-Z-MODEM 1.2, BobTerm 1.23, DeTerm 1.59, Ice-T XE and PabQwk software for download

silver dot Bob's Atari page
Partial online version of Kyan Pascal Manual, Mapping the Atari, the docs for US doubler and some other files.

silver dot Boot Factory 2000
Link to the Boot Factory 2000 BBS, and some files for download

silver dot BOSS Homepage
BOSS - a graphical user interface for the 8-bit Atari. There are three different versions available, with screenshots, manuals and downloads available for each. A list of some Atari file types and their extensions, and some links. In German, with some English text. automatic altavista babelfish translation. Another version is also available here.

silver dot CC65 - a freeware C compiler for 6502 based systems
An up-to-date version of CC65, a cross compiler with the option for multiple target machines including the Atari 8 bit.

silver dot Clarence's Atari 8 Bit Page
Info and schematics for SIO2PC, ProSys, SuperVideo, ClearPic, speaker for 800XL/130XE and ICD USDoubler. Also available here.

silver dot Computer and Video Game FAQs
FAQ for the 5200 with lots of info on it, and other systems

silver dot CyberRoach
The covers and contents of many A.N.A.L.O.G magazine issues, as well as a list of video game books and ratings for them.

silver dot Dave's Computer Systems, Details page
An online copy of De Re Atari, and partial copies of Atari Software Protection Techniques and Advanced Atari Protection Techniques, also has the cartridge port pin assignments.

silver dot Envision Home Page
Darren Schebek's page, with details and download of Envision - a character and screen editor, along with documentation and the story behind it. Also a couple of games for download.

silver dot Eric's Atari Stuff
Atari hardware Manual for download, 850 manual, and De Re Atari in HTML format.

silver dot Fannyho domovská stránka
Atari page with several links, some downloads and manual for M.U.L.E.

silver dot GMG Headquarters
Info on GMG group, and some of their files available for download, links

silver dot HeAvEn's Demo-Homepage-Index
ANTIC modes, GTIA modes, Extended RAM info, Detecting which CPU code is running on, unofficial 6502 op-codes, demos, assemblers for download and more info, good site with technical info. Also available here and here.

silver dot HiassofT's Atari 8bit world
Descriptions and downloads of software written, including AtariDsk for accessing Atari SS/DD 180K disk in a PC 5 1/4 disk drive; WriteAtr for writing double density ATR images to Atari Floppys using a 5 1/4 disk drive on the PC; and MyPDOS a small "gamedos" for loading files from MyDOS disks including subdirectories and large disks.

silver dot Highlander's Home
Info and links on Atari 8-bits, with some files available for downloading, in German, automatic altavista babelfish translation.

silver dot Himü's Homepage
Manuals for Atari BASIC and BIBO Assembler, De Re Atari and Die Hexenküche (Tips and tricks by Peter Finzel), ANTIC, GTIA, POKEY, FREDDY, 6502 and RAM chips information and pinouts, pictures of several Atari 8-bit computers, some links and more. In German.automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Home XL-Project
Some downloads here, including a few demos, utilities, games, a copy of Atari800Win Plus, as well as copies of TOP-Magazin, Compy Shop Magazin and Starsoft Magazin, in German, automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Homepage of Nir Dary
Details of the PAL-NTSC upgrage, and details and pictures of the Super Archiver, A/D Converter cartridge (with downloads), Super E Burner (with manual), and the Black Box (with manual and utilities).

silver dot Infrared remote control gateway (IRG)
Info on IRG, instructions and software, control your Atari by remote control, and control other devices from your Atari

silver dot Itay's Atari page
Ice-T XE 2.72 and Ice-T 800 an Atari Winamp skin and a couple of other programs for download.

silver dot JLS Basic
Details and downloads of JLS BASIc, a BASIC compiler for the XL/XE series, along with its history, manual and source code

silver dot Kevin Atkinson's Atari Area
Antic and Analog issue disks, as well as some other software.

silver dot Lato Ludzików 2002!
Details of copy parties. Also Details of Q-MEG OS, a download area, an SIO2PC schematic using a MAX 232 chip, Syzygy and Serious Magazine downloads and some links. Also available here. In Polish.

silver dot Mac/Atari Fusion
Info on using your 8-bit with a Mac, including classic Atari style TrueType fonts for the Mac and PC, file transfer and more

silver dot MacFalkner's Homepage
Atari Keyboard Interface, Atari Disassembler and Flash-Disk details, in German with some english translations, automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot MagnusSoft
With downloads of several european games, including Monster Hunt (a Super Mario clone), The Laser Robot, Plot's, Galaxi Barkonid (Arkanoid clone) and Crazy Quader, along with descriptions of other games and tools. In German.automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Mathy's first Homepage
An assortment of files and utilities (including the source code and docs) for MyDOS, information and modifications for the Blackbox, information on ASPI - software that provides a common interface for different types of hard disk interfaces on the Atari, a general collection of miscellaneous information relating to the Atari 8-bit, and Mathy's own CDAP - a CD Audio Player for the Atari 8-bit.

silver dot MyAtari - The monthly on-line magazine for Atari users! I support MyAtari magazine
Free on-line for all Atari machines, with articles and information about our favourite computers, with back issues available for download.

silver dot Nick Kennedy's Page
SIO2PC software for download, FAQ and diagrams, straight from the author's homepage. Also info on using AMAC and some other files

silver dot Oliver´s Atari-Archiv
Several 5200 games for download, along with emulators for all Atari 8-bit systems. In German automatic altavista babelfish translation.

silver dot ozkan.co.uk
A computer games nostalgic trip for Atari 8-bit machines and others. Download games some cheat versions and tunes and other stuff.

silver dot Page 6 [New Atari User]
An online archive of the Page 6 / New Atari User magazine, this was a UK magazine dedicated to the Atari 8-bit (with some ST content too) that ran for 85 issues from 1983 to 1998. With cover scans of all issues and the content from some of them, with more promised.

silver dot Pairman Atari 8-bit Stuff
A TTF of the Atari Character set, a copy of Rob Funk's Stuff, a list of useful info, including Atari 8-bit reference cards with BASIC commands, XIO commands, useful memory addresses, adding a Parallel Bus Interface to a 1200XL, a dual PIA modification, and some links.

silver dot Philippe PVBest's Atari 8bits Web Site
Atari File Designer a utility for transfering files to and from an Atari disk drive and the PC for MSDOS, Atari Monitor a utility to view, modify and disassembler the contents of .XFD files running under MSDOS, Atari Rom File Designer a combination of Atari File Designer and Atari Monitor that runs under Windows. Also has some technical information on the Atari 8-bit and some links.

silver dot Pitfall II: Lost Caverns
Maps and binaries for Pitfall II for various platforms, with a couple of .mid files tooautomatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Ricks' Website
Rick Detlefsen's website, with details of "Eight" a set of useful add on routines for the O.S. and programs, list of Texas user groups with meeting details and events, links to the online Atari chats, list of hardware projects, memory upgrade, keyboard connection grid, floppy drive information, ATR-8000 and manual, OSS supercart info, some software for download, and more.

silver dot Satantronic Atari Crew
Atari 8-bit files for download, including a demo and some utils

silver dot Strefa Atari: Wstep
Emulators, ROMs and utilities for download, descriptions screen shots and downloads for several european games, music players and collections, drawing programs and more. In Polish

silver dot Tajemnice Atari - unofficial digital archive
Online copies of the Polish TA magazine. Looks good, but hard to understand unless you read Polish. The downloads and game maps should be understandable in any language though =).Polish version. In Polish.

silver dot TalkAtari Atari.Org Forums
Atari discussion forums, including an Atari 8-bit forum. A decent discussion forum, with semi-frequent posts.

silver dot The Anarchistic Atari Page
A selection of ROMS available to download and burn, including Action, Basic XL, Basic XE, SpartaDOS X and server Atari O.S., Amy development disks, ZAP! and more for download

silver dot The Atari 8-bit Hardware Upgrade, Modification and Add-On FAQ
A list of many hardware upgrades available, including RAM, video, sound and disk drive upgrades. Also available here

silver dot The Console Museum
Hardware pictures, some software and emulators for download, covers many other systems too.

silver dot The Last Hope BBS Home Page
Info on The Last Hope BBS, list of files, users and message bases

silver dot Tinker Atari Computer Enthusiasts
Online copy of the SynAssembler manual, instructions for Cross Town Crazy 8, several pictures and an article of Percom drives, with SynAssembler XL, an ATR to disk utility and a Boot Maker program available for download. Also has a few links to other sites.

silver dot Tom D'Ambrosio's "Break Movie" Warehouse The "Break Movie" Warehouse
Nice site, with collection of Atari 8-bit Atascii Movies

silver dot Tomas Meyer's ATARI 8-BIT PAGES
Turbo-Basic XL and Compiler listing scans for download

silver dot Trevin Beattie's Atari Technical Information
Info on 6502, ANTIC, CTIA/GTIA, Pokey and PIA, with pinouts, instructions and registers

silver dot Welcome to HCRBurk's Homepage !
SUBMON and ATARI FileManagement for download and some links, in German automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot xasm home page
xasm - a set of development tools for creating Atari 8-bit programs on a PC, including a cross-assembler and some utilities for handling Atari executables.

red dot ABBUC News Archiv
The ABBUC News archive, in German automatic altavista babelfish translation

red dot Atari 2000
The Official site for Phoenix, the new Atari XL/XE web browser being devloped, and some links. Also available here

red dot Atari 8bit Computer Links
A list of mouse supporting programs, a download and instructions of Rescue at Rigel, a HIP viewer and some HIP pictures and a few links

red dot Atari 8-bit Cross-Platform development tools
A couple of tools for cross platform development of Atari 8-bit programs

red dot Atari Central
Under construction, some links and downloads

red dot atari.da.ru
Atari 8 bit .cas project and archive, with some turbo tape files in .mp3 format

red dot Atari-to-PC joysticks interface
Schematics for an interface designed to connect Atari joysticks to your PC. Also A simple monitor cable for Atari computers

red dot AtariWorld
Info and links for the 8-bit, 16-bit and games systems, under construction

red dot Bit Busters Homepage
Info on the Bit Busters and download area. Also available here.

red dot Calagan's Gaming Hell
Emulators and files, including all 22 of Yogi's MegaGames compilations with lists and some screen shots. The downloads don't appear to work at the moment though.

red dot Chris Lang's Retrocomputing Projects
With details of a Super Video upgrade for PAL Atari 600XL's. Under construction.

red dot FujiMan's ATARI Homepage!
ATR's of several DOS versions including 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, XL, XE and others, plus some links.

red dot HARD Software's Home Page
Demos, Veronika, Cool Emotion, Joyride, nice graphics, but unfortunately not all the links are there

red dot Isaac's Software Emporium
Some links a download of Scram with a few other BASIC programs, and an online copy of the Atari Basic Complier

red dot JAY Software's Home Page
Some download files here, including Turbobasic DOS and a version of Minesweeper for the 8-bit, and some links.

Some files for donwload and a few links, in Czech

red dot JTKirk's Home Page
Controller information, some files and links - or brave the frames! *argh!*

red dot Len Spencer's Atari 8-bit Page
HyperSpeed, Forem-XE Pro BBS info and files, links

red dot red web site
REDRAVEN's page, under the bonnet of the 130XE, a few file images and ROMs, with English and French versions

red dot Rick Cortese
Instructions for building an SIO to PC cable, and a picture of Alternate Reality cover art.

red dot Russ Gilbert's Home Page
Some links here, used to have some Atari 8-bit book programs, but they have been removed, you can still get them by e-mail

red dot Ryan's Tribute to the Classic Atari
Switchable OS diagram, US Doubler ROM image, and links

red dot ST Informer Magazine
Online magazine, mostly ST but covers all machines with some 8-bit info

red dot The 8-Bit Atari Mod Home Page
Add a LED to your ramdisk, and links.

An interactive 6502 disassembler for Windows and several links to other Atari 8-bit pages

red dot THE ATARI INSIDE Home Page
Info on The Atari Inside BBS - now defunct, and a demo for download

red dot The Atari Years
Steve Lashower's Labyrinths, Antic Music Processor and Antic Sampling Processor.

red dot The humming home page
Description of Diskcomm files, and DCM2ATR, WAV2CAS, and CAS2WAV files for download.

red dot Tips & Tricks zum Atari 800XL
A couple of files on monitor cables and floppy speeders, in German automatic altavista babelfish translation

red dot Wacko Software's home page
Mostly for the ST, but with Line Crash, an Atari 8-bit game available for download.

no rating Atari 8-bit JPEG Viewers
View and convert JPEGs on your Atari 8-bit, with this JPEG decoder and viewer, ported from the C=64, complete with source code available for download. Also available here.

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