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24 Links, Last Updated 2002/7/15
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star Last Party 28-30 XII 2000
Details of the Last Party 2000 and other copy parties, with photos, links, downloads, news and more. In Polish.

silver dot About the Atari 800 web server
Details of an Atari 800 that was set up as a web server, connected to the interner via a terminal server, along with BASIC source code.

silver dot Atari 65XE Arabic version
Pictures, information and screen shots of a rare Arabic 65XE

silver dot Atari 8-bit Power!
Various Atari 8-bit emulators for download, Atari 8-bit computer's history and pictures, games for download with screenshots and some links. Has a nice Atari-like blue scree/font set up. In Russian.automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Atariáda Prostejov
Details of Atariada meetings, with photos of past meetings and details of the next one.

silver dot Internet Magazine 8mi
Atari 8-bit online magazine, with information on the 8-bit and details of the goings on in the Atari 8-bit world, links and some downloads. Also available Quasimodos
Details of the Quasimodos group, with members and history. Also the group's demos, intros, games and tools for download, and tunes available in various formats, some links and photos. Available in English and Polish.

silver dot Slight SID
Photographs of Slight SID, an attempt to put a C=64 SID sound chip into the Atari 8-bit.

silver dot The Atari Hangout
Online Atari chats, held at regular intervals.

silver dot TrinitySite
List of demos scene coders, and some information about them. In Polish.

silver dot Unconventional Party Society
Details of the Unconventional Party Society, who organise Atari events in Europe, with details of upcoming events, photos and details of previous events, and details of who intends to come to future events.

silver dot Vítejte...homepage...
Not sure what this page is about, but there's lots of text and it looks Atari 8-bit related, in Czech?

silver dot Welcome to the Atari Times
An online newsletter for all Atari systems, including pictures and games reviews, with reviews of Alternate Reality: The City, Archon, and Unicum for the 8-bit computer line. An article on Laser Hawk and Hawk Quest written by one of the authors, an interview with James Hague, and a good selection of links.

red dot Classic Computers: The Atari 8 bit series
General description and a simple comparison of some 8-bit models, with some links, compatibility issues and information from the FAQ.

red dot Digit Mania
Atari 8-bit digits for use with HTML counters and clocks

red dot Gareee's Desktop Wallpaper
Desktop wallpaper scan of Reptilian and Protector II for your Windows desktop

red dot JAM Home Page
Connect your 8-bit to a VGA or SVAG monitor with The Jam!!

red dot Securities and Exchange Commision Report
Details of JTS Corporation's sale of Atari to Hasbro Interactive

red dot The Atari Time Machine
Atari Explorer's website, nothing there yet, but we are promised that all good things come to those who wait (and wait, and wait...).

red dot The Atari Times
On-line Atari newsletter, covering all Atari machines, there's a little bit here and there on the 8-bit if you hunt for it

red dot The Nordic Atari Show 1999
Info on the Nordic Atari Show, mostly in Swedish, but with some English

red dot The Unfinished Projects Page
Some of David Wyn Davies' unfinished projects

red dot triple-a-mag - Das Fanzine fü Atari, Acorn & Amiga User.
Details of Triple-A-Mag, a magazine for Atari, Acorn and Amiga users, with order details. Not sure how much 8-bit content this has though. In German automatic altavista babelfish translation

red dot Welcome to the Atari 8-Bit world of WASEO
Information about WASEO with some ATR utilites for download, WASEO info, WASEO demos and games, and a few links, in German and English, automatic altavista babelfish translation

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