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History, On-line Museums, Personal Collections and Nostalgia

76 Links, Last Updated 2002/7/15
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star Atari 1400 XLD
Pictures and specs for many classic computers, including The Atari 8 range, with the 1450XLD, 1400XL, 1200XL, 400, 800, XL and XE range, Indus GT and Corvus Systems harddrive, Atari 800 motherboard and daughter cards pictures and information

star Back In Time
A site for all Atari systems, including the 8-bit computers, with history, pictures, prototypes and emulator information.

star I.C. When
A very comprehensive history of computers and video games, if it's not here, then it probably didn't happen!

star The Atari Vaporware & Prototypes Site
Curt Vendel's site, great piccies of 1400XL, 1200XL, 1090XL and others, well worth a look

silver dot 8-Bit-Nirvana: Atari
Piccies and specs for the 8-bit range of computers and some Atari history, in German automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Acmenet Atari 400/800 Series Computer Collection
Pictures of several items of hardware, software with pictures of disks/cassettes, boxes and some screen shots and downloads, cover scans of many Atari User, Page 6 and New Atari User magazines, and some book cover scans.

silver dot Andrew Krieg's Video Game Hunter's Oasis
Lists of 800/XL/XE carts and 5200 carts with company, year, rarity, an cartridge number

silver dot Atari & Commodore Home Computer Museum - The Atari Exhibition
History of Atari and some good piccies of the 8-bit line, also has info on the other Atari games machines and computers

silver dot ATARI 800XE - J.Pecher
A history of Atari computers, with photographs. Technical and user details of Atari 8-bit computers. Emulator information and links. Some sound tracks from 8-bit games in SAP format. In Czech.

silver dot Atari 8-bit Software List
List of commercial Atari 8-bit programs released in the USA with over 1000 titles, with company name, release date and format.

silver dot Atari Archives
Electric Escape, Robert Jung's page on Atari, covers all things Atari including The Atari Timeline, and many other interesting bits and pieces

silver dot Atari Computer Database
Pictures, specs and history of ATari computers, including the 8-bit line

silver dot Atari Mania
A great site, with the history of the video game industry, a list of Atari games consoles and computers, Atari gifs, sounds and links

silver dot C.M.P.I's Website
Piccies and specs of the atari 8-bit range of computers, and the FAQ, along with other machines, also available in French

silver dot Classic Home Video Games Museum
Info and piccies for the XEGS, cart variations and historical info on Atari, as well as hints for M.U.L.E.

silver dot Das virtuelle Computermuseum
Old computers museum with some info and piccies of the Atari 8-bit line, in German automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Janko's ATARI 8-Bit Homepage (400/800/XL/XE)
Photos of hardware items, including an XEP80, 1064 expansion, XC12, 800, 1029, 810 and more, software box pictures, book cover pictures, emulator downloads, a large collection of PD software downloads In German.automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Kemals Atari Archiv
Kemal Ezcan's site, with A short history of Atari with a few pictures, and a history and pictures of KE-SOFT and the software and magazines produced by them. In German automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Mein 8 Bit Museum
A site dedicated to several classic computers, including the Atari 8-bit, with 360 degree pictures of a 130XE, 800XL and 1050, with emulator and games downloads, a .PDF of De Re Atari, Atari Reference manual, links and more. Also available here and here. In German automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Museo de los 8 Bits
Nice site with info on many 8 bit and some 16 bit machines, includes some decent descriptions of the 8-bit Atari range, and some nice photos, in Spanish automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Museum of Dead, Gone & Obsolete Computers
With pictures and specs for the 400, 800, 600XL, 800XL, 1200XL, 1400XL, 1450XLD, 65XE, 130XE, some links, assorted peripherals and motherboard images

silver dot MyMain
Some nice pictures and scans of a range of Atari 8-bit Hardware, and an online version of the SynFile+ manual. Also a few links to other pages.

silver dot Notatnik fanów starych komputerów
A site dedicated to 8-bit computers including the Atari range, with pictures and specs and emulators for download, a humour section, comparisons with other micros, chat room and links. In Polish.

silver dot Old Computer Magazine Website
A site devoted to old UK computer mags, including Atari User, with cover scans of many issues, with a general description of the mag and an interview with Paul Irvine.

silver dot Orphaned Computers & Game Systems
On-line newsletter for classic computers and video games, looking at many aspects of the classic systems and games.

silver dot Planet Irata... World of Atari
For all Atari products, including the Atari 8-bit computers, with history, piccies, specs, Tips and tricks, Reference Manual and more

silver dot Pokey Soft Main Page
List of 8-bit hardware and software owned and for trade, a few links and some files for download, also good and bad traders list

silver dot Reminiscing: 8-bit Atari Games
A nice site with game screen shots, Guess the game quiz, emulator and other links, and an Atari font for the Mac

silver dot Silicium : Atari
Computer museum with 600XL, 800XL, XEGS and a nice 800XE picture, also some links and emulators for download, mostly in French automatic altavista babelfish translation

silver dot Steve's 'History of Atari Computers' home
A history of Atari, including the 8-bit era, with nice pictures of the computer range, 800 memory cards, peripherals and software .

silver dot Steve's History of Atari Computers' home
History of Atari computers and games consoles, including the 8-bit computer line

silver dot The History of Home Video Games Homepage
Cartridge based video game systems through the years, with an Atari 5200 section, check out the Star Raiders and Realsports Football tips page under 1982->5200, also a description of the 5200 memory map and differences from the 400/800

silver dot The Machine Room
Piccies and specs of many machines including the Atari 400, 800, XL and XE ranges, with reasonably complete descriptions.

silver dot TWH's atari related homepage
A huge list of games, with release date and company, top 5 games with a list of some of the best Atari 8-bit games producers, and a lot of game cover scans.

silver dot VIDEOTOPIA
The history of Arcade games, well worth a look, includes Atari Pong, 2600, 5200 and 400, with plenty of info on Atari

silver dot Welcome to the Giant List of Classic Game Programmers
List of S/W authors and their games on the 'classic' machines, which the Atari 8-bit is (of course!) one of.

silver dot World of Atari 98
Pictures from the World of Atari 98 show in Las Vegas, Aug 21-23. Photographs of rare items, including Atari 8-bit computers and peripherals.

red dot 8-Bit Rot
Atari 8-bit computer pictures and specs, and cart lists, plus 2600/5200/7800 cart lists, also some 2600 rare cart scans

red dot Alan's Classic Video Games Home Page
Atari 8-bit (and other systems) cart list/trade and some links

red dot All known Atari 800/XL/XE Cartridges
Alphabetical list of cartridges, with company, code and release date

red dot Atari Commercial Archive
A collection of Atari commercials in .avi format, with some for the Atari 8-bit computers

red dot Atari Flashback
Computer piccies, links and the SIO2PC schematics

red dot Atari Hardware Showcase
Some nice piccies of various Atari hardware, including some of the 5200 and 8-bit computer lines

red dot Atari Home Computers
Pictures of several Atari 8-bit systems, including 400, 800, 130XE, XE Games system, 600XL, 800XL and 1200XL, and a list of carts.

red dot Atari Island
Some pictures of a Micro MainFrame, 810 Turbo and 8 Drive Copy System, still under construction

red dot Atari: from boom to bust and back again
Article on Atari, written in 1995, following Atari's fortunes through the years, and its plans for the future. The pages have been scanned, so it takes a long time to view them all.

red dot Bienvenue sur la page de l'Atarien
Some pictures of a 600XL, and some screen shots of games, in French automatic altavista babelfish translation

red dot Classic Video Games
Interview with FreeFall Associates - creators of Archon, and connect 6 Atari controllers to your PC with Multijoy Adapter

red dot collection
Collection of old computers including a picture of an Atari 400

red dot Computer History and Emulation Homepage
History of computers and a dinky little bit on atari 8-bits

red dot David's Rehabilitated Computer Collection
400, 800, 1200XL and 130XE specs, along with a list of manuals and books, but there are some inaccuracies in the descriptions

red dot Game Over
Mostly games consoles, with a few links, but the XL and XE are mentioned

red dot HCM: The Home Computer Museum
Some pictures and links of old computers, including the Atari 8-bit range

red dot Ian's Computer Collection
Some nice pictures of a few of the Atari 8-bit range of computers, with pictures of other machines too.

red dot Jeff's Classic Computer Haven
Shorts descriptions and a picture or 2 of some Atari 8-bit computers and peripherals, and other systems too, a software list and some links.

red dot Kevan's Computer Bits - Atari
Old computer collection, with an XE Games System, Atari 400, 800, and 800XL, and some links to computer museum type sites

red dot Looking Back
Some ANALOG covers and information on Clayton Walnum's writing career

red dot My computers & Historical Links
A few links and pictures of an Atari 800 and 65XE

red dot Nurmix Web Central
Some Atari 8-bit history, information, pictures and links, with a small download section.

red dot Obsolete Computer Museum
Atari 800 (some with the cartridge slots and memory cards exposed), 800XL and 810 piccies, and some links.

red dot Patrick's Atari Classics Page
General Atari games stuff with a few 8-bit computer bits, plus swirling fuji logo, with lists of h/w and s/w owned and favourite games.

red dot Ray Wilmott's Atari Links
Looking back at the Atari 8-bit range, with a few piccies, links and pointers to emulators

red dot REEVEsoft - History
From the people who created the Diamond GOS. A look back at the company's beginning, and an Antic cover

red dot Remembering Atari
A personal trip down the Atari years, with some pictures and links, makes a nice read.

red dot Small Fry Web Page
A brief history of Atari computers, some pictures and links

red dot Smed's Home Page
Mostly games consoles, but with a bit on the 1984 Crash

red dot Spudsian Atari 8-bit Collection
Atari 8-bit collection list and a few links

red dot Steve Cooper's Computer/Game Page
Personal computer collection, with a list of h/w, some Atari pictures and a few links

red dot Syd Bolton - Classic Computers
A dinky little bit on 8-bit Atari's, with a list of systems owned

red dot The Atari 400/800 and OSS
The story of the birth of the 400/800, Atari BASIC and the FMS, by Bill Wilkinson.

red dot The Atari Library - Atari 8Bit Computer Systems
Some piccies and specs for the 8-bit H/W range

red dot The Classic Video Game Cartridge List Server
List of carts for 400/800 with manufacturer and cart number, along with lists for other systems too

red dot The Home Computer Hall of Fame
Pictures and specs for many home computers, including the 400, 800, 600XL, and 800XL and some historical info

red dot The Vent - Atari Page
A nostalgic look at some of Atari's 8-bit computers and some links

red dot Tony Brown's Computer Collection
Pictures of the 400, 800, 800XL and 130XE, along with other systems

red dot Wells World - The official Tracer Homepage
Atari pictures, the tale behind Tracer - a Tron light cycles type game, screen shots, links, and downloads.

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