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Current Projects


The colour JPEG viewer for the Atari 8-bit, ported from the C=64's Juddpeg.

A8JDPEG, JpegView and JpegShow

The JPEG viewers/convertors for the Atari 8-bit, ported from the C=64's Juddpeg.

Ramdrive v1.0

A highly configurable ramdisk available for you to download, supports many memory sizes and DOSes.

Other programs


ASI 1.5AM is a disassembler which will provide output in both AMAC and Mac/65 format. It is written in Turbo Basic, and has some nice features, including an option that allows you to specify which sections of the program are code and which are data, making the output much more readable. ASI has been written by none other than Andrew MCINTOSH, of Scotland.

Atari DOS 2.5 TB

Atari DOS 2.5 TB is a modified version of Atari DOS 2.5 for use with Turbo Basic, this lets you switch from DOS 2.5 back to Turbo Basic by pressing the 'B' key on the main menu.

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Journey to the Planets

Are you stuck on this game? Is there just one planet that you can't solve? If so, then you might find the solution to your problems here.

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    The Megalist of Atari 8-bit Links

    More links than you can shake a stick at (and then some). Many, many links to all things Atari 8-bit. This is one of the largest hand-edited lists of Atari 8-bit links on the internet.

    Do you have an Atari 8-bit webpage?
    If so, then fill out this short form and your page will be added to the list in the near future.

    All the links are checked regularly to ensure they are still active, but with a list this size it is impossible to ensure all the links will work.
    If you find a broken or out of date link then let me know.
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