Atari Ramdrive 1.0

Please Note: These programs are for the Atari 8-bit line of computers. They will NOT work on any other type of computer. There are no plans to produce a Win 95/98/NT version of Atari Ramdrive.

Started in 1994, and 3 years in the making, a DOS-independent ramdisk utility that will use your extra RAM. Easily configurable (I hope) to be able to use as much extra RAM as you've got or as much as you want to use.

I initialy started to write this in order to satisfy 2 ambitions:

Features: Its got some quite nifty features too. Such as allowing you to reboot and maintain the ramdisk, and even reboot from the ramdisk. You can have multiple ramdisks active at one time, splitting up your expanded RAM banks between them. Each ramdisk is assigned a drive identifier in the usual way (i.e. D1: D2: D3: etc.), all this is done from a configuration file, so there is no need to make any changes to the code. The ramdisks can be renumbered on the fly, and you can even swap their identifier with a physical drive. For example if D1 is your physical drive and D2 your ramdisk, you can have all calls to D1 go to your ramdisk and all calls to D2 to your physical drive without changing any of the switches on the back of your 810/1050/XF551...

On the down side it does need to switch the OS from ROM to RAM, and so will not work with any other program that uses that RAM for other purposes, such as Turbo Basic... still you can't have everything. Plus it only supports one address for bank switching, this defaults to 54017 (PORTB), but that can be modified to suit your computer.

Known bugs

The following are all the bugs I've discovered in Ramdrive 1.0, if anyone finds any more, then let me know.

Notes on downloading binaries

If your web browser displays the binary files on the screen instead of saving them to a file then you need to tell it to save into a file. The procedure for doing this varies from browser to browser and from platform to platform. Try right clicking on the link, or left clicking whilst holding down the Shift key. Lynx users should try pressing D to download the file.

Here's a ZIP file containing all the files. This file contains all the files listed further down on this page.

These are the manuals for Ramdrive 1.0, there are 5 manuals available, the user manual covers the basics, the CFG file commands covers the commands available in the RAMDRIVE.CFG file, the CPY file commands covers the commands available in the RAMDRIVE.CPY file, the errors manual lists the possible errors and how to fix them and the technical manual is the technical stuff, detailing how it all works. They could do with some nicer HTML formatting, but at least it's all there.

Here is the source code compressed in a ZIP file. Unzipping this will produce 6 source code files in AMAC format.

The following are links to the configuration files available for Ramdrive 1.0. Ramdrive has 2 configuration files, RAMDRIVE.CFG and RAMDRIVE.CPY. The first identifies your expansion type (bank size, address, number of banks, etc), and sets up your ramdrives ready for use. The second formats your ramdrives and copies files and/or sectors onto them. Allowing you to set up your ramdrive(s) to meet your own needs.

These links are to files with Unix return characters, they need to be converted before being used on an Atari 8-bit.

These files are the same as above, but with ATASCII return (155) characters, suitable for downloading directly to an Atari 8-bit.

Comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc. are all welcome.

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