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Project Details

For this project you must carry out a technical comparison between two cellular phones.

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Celulares Rabo de Puerco

Cellular phones are becoming more and more powerful. It is now possible to write software for cellular phones using the Java programming language.

Celulares Rabo de Puerco is a company that specializes in writing software for cellular phones using Java. Celulares Rabo de Puerco needs to carry out an evaluation of several phones to decide which phones they should port their latest software to. You have been asked to help by finding the technical specifications for two cellular phones and comparing the two phones.

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Celulares Rabo de Puerco's software is written using Java and has the following requirements:

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Each group has been assigned two phones, you must find the technical specifications for the phones assigned to your group by searching for the information on the Internet.

Once you have found the specifications, you must provide a report that describes the technical capabilities of each phone. The report should also identify if the phone meets the requirements and present a technical comparison between the two phones.

Group Number Phone 1 Phone 2
Group 1 Motorola V360 Samsung D800
Group 2 Motorola V550 Samsung D820
Group 3 Motorola V600 Samsung E350
Group 4 Motorola V620 Samsung E530
Group 5 Motorola V635 Samsung E600
Group 6 Samsung E720 Sony Ericsson Z520i
Group 7 Samsung E760 Sony Ericsson T630
Group 8 Samsung X460 Sony Ericsson K510i
Group 9 Samsung X600 Sony Ericsson S700i
Group 10 Samsung X640 Sony Ericsson W600i